PINE BARK EXTRACT: an INCREDIBLE ANTI-AGING tool–especially for skin!

Pine Bark active ingredient:


  • the only natural supplement that stimulates hyaluronic acid production in human skin

What Benefits from Pine Bark’s Pycnogenol?

ailments from allergies to asthma

circulatory problems (helps prevents stroke).

vascular system

heart disease

varicose veins

Pine Bark Extract and Pycnogenol ALSO:

slows the aging process

improves endurance

some studies show that it might lower bad cholesterol levels

helps stimulate the collagen in your skin

Studies about Pycnogenol and Pine Bark Extract:

Sooooo….a study was done on 55-68 year olds over a period of 12 weeks.

Participants were given 75 milligrams of pycnogenol a day (less than recommended dosage).

Skin hydration, skin elasticity and skin fatigue were assessed at the beginning of the trial.

Here are the FANTASTIC results, published in the journal Skin Pharmacology and Physiology:

  • Enhanced skin elasticity by 25%
  • Enhanced skin hydration by 8%.
  • Effects were especially noticeable in women who had dry skin.
  • improved skin fatigue
  • reduced skin wrinkles by 3%
  • increased skin smoothness by 6%
  • shown to increase the skin’s hyaluronic acid production by 44%.



How Pine Bark Extract looks and tastes:

It’s really dark brown and it tastes like bark!

Ok, so it’s a very intense flavor, but it’s good, like a spice!

How to take Pine Bark Extract:

They recommended dosage is  215 milligrams a day, which is like a rounded 1/16 teaspoon a day.Masala tea

Here’s how I take it:

  • In a little jar, I mix it with alpha lipoic acid.
  • I take a little bit on my tongue three times a day (maybe total about a teaspoon).

OR You can just add add Pine Bark Extract to your chai tea.

Where to get it:

Bulk Supplements with 95% potency under $20, 100 grams. GET IT HERE

If you take Pine Bark Extract as compared to Pcnogenol I’ve heard that it has to be at least 70% potency.




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