Quicker way to make Hyaluronic Acid Serum and ADD Liposomal Vitamins!!

Im loving me Some FERMENTS from Formula Sample Shop!!

They have an amazing array of ingredients for skin care AND most of them are preserved with Root Radish Ferment!!  Im so glad I found them and they are ALWAYS stocked with Root Radish Preservative which is called LEUCIDAL LIQUID.  

This preservative was recently approved by WholeFoods and is a Great broad spectrum Preservative. Because you dont want funky yeast, molds and bad bacteria in your stuff!! So if your scared of Parabens or just want to work with some DOPE ingredients head over to Formula Sample Shop and use the DISCOUNT CODE: leda10  for a discount!!✨✨

? GET YOUR Radish Root Ferment Preservative or Leucidal Liquid

? GET YOUR Hyaluronic Acid Powder from Bulk Sups! (cheapest around)

? GET YOUR Airless Pumps I found on Amazon
?GET YOUR Pipettes for accuracy (although i dont think eye balling it would hurt with these ingredients

??? RECIPE!!:
1) Make your hyaluronic acid gel first with 2 oz DISTILLED WATER (so you dont have funky stuff in your serum) Chill in Freezer for half hour ish so there are ice crystals in it, add 1/2 teaspoon HA powder. Shake it till its dissolved and a GEL!
2) Add .6 ml of luicidol (or 2 % of your formula. you can go up to 5%)
3) Add 3 ml of liposome of your choice I used the liposome Vit C/E/A
4) Mix and put in your airless pump!

I love Leuicidol liquid to preserve formulas!! Its a really good idea to preserve your formulas EVEN if you put them in the fridge. Because Bacteria and fungus are WORSE than putting parabens (the breast cancer study was debunked) or any other un-natural preservatives on your skin. BUT? LEUICIDOL LIQUID is both a rad preservative AND its good for your skin!!?? This is the QUICKEST ⏱ way Ive ever made ?HYALURONIC ACID GEL, Which is amazing on its own but DOPE with LIPOSOMAL VITAMINS in it!! Liposomes (lipid bubble encapsulated) is basically a DELIVERY SYSTEM✨ delivering the goods to your SKIN!! the lipid bubble is like tiny cell sort of.



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