Did you know?

It’s not just a vitamin. It’s actually a neuro-steroid pro-hormone. And it’s crazy important!


My Experience:

I got a few blood tests.

  • Turns out I’m a little bit deficient in vitamin D.
  • sooooo: I got supplements from Rx Vitamins and did some research! I also really like the New Perfect Supplements vit D for a more portable version.


Vitamin D3 and the Sun:

The best way to get Vitamin D3 is from the sun, for example exercising outside.

  • Helpful tip: You don’t wanna wash your body with soap right after.
  • Wait 30 minutes because it’s actually on your skin, and you want it to be absorbed.

Upshot: Judiciously, prudent sun exposure, about 15 minutes.

  • I’ve heard that it’s best if you expose your belly in the evening or morning in less intense rays.
  • Apparently the skin on your belly absorbs vitamin D the best!


Vitamin D3 from sheep’s wool?

Interestingly, physician-formulated liquid D3 from Rx Vitamins comes from lanolin, which is sheep’s wool. They just comb it out!

  • Important note: The sheep are not harmed in the process.


Effects of Deficiency

Linked to autism.

  • Specifically, mothers not having enough vitamin D to give to their babies in utero has been linked to autism.


Skin issues 

  • such as psoriasis and eczema

Poor Eye Health

  • Linked to age-related mascular degeneration in the eyes

Amazing Benefits


Potent antibiotic that increases antimicrobial properties

  • if you’re feeling like you have some sort of cold or a flu happening, you can up your dose!


Regulates the aging process.

  • Here’s how:
    • Telomeres are these little caps on the ends of your DNA that protect your DNA from damage.
    • With time, the telomeres get shorter and shorter.
    • Telomeres are like little caps on shoelaces and they get frayed as we age, and then we have DNA damage.
    • Vitamin D actually plays a role in protecting telomeres.
    • In a study with twins, one had less vitamin D and had more DNA damage.


My 2 cents:

Get out in the sun, be prudent about it, take a little jog, or just sun bath in your skimpy outfit ’cause you need skin exposure.

And, importantly, get tested and see your levels and supplement, if need be. You probably do because the vast majority of people are deficient in this modern day.

If your not getting enough sun exposure maybe because its winter and you live in the northern hemisphere or your just feel you need a BOOST then perhaps take a good supplement like Rx Vitamins or Perfect Supplements!




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